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Introducing our law firm

Managing Clerks, Inc.

Managing Clerks, Inc. is a company founded by experienced industry professionals to provide case management services to clients in the United States and across the globe.  We specialize in managing the filing process for all court and administrative documents.  We also coordinate service of process and document retrieval.  With extensive knowledge of state and federal court rules and procedures, we make the practice of law easy, so our clients can focus on what they do best.

Our Services



We perform electronic filing of documents in courts and administrative agencies, where available.  Including the commencement of cases.


Service of Process

We effectuate service of process of documents both nationally and internationally.


Document Retrieval

We conduct research for the retrieval of filed court and administrative agency documents.


Docketing and Calendaring

We docket and calendar case related notices for our clients to keep them abreast of deadlines.


Scheduling of Depositions

We schedule depositions and secure conference rooms nationally.

We Make the Practice of Law Easy.

Founder, IAN

News & Updates of

Managing Clerks, Inc.

Managing Clerks, Inc. was at the National Docketing Association Conference in Denver, CO taking in the latest developments in the industry. 

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